Prodotti artigianali senza glutine

Le farine dei nostri sacchi

Le Farine dei Nostri Sacchi was established in 2008 and it is the second Sicilian company on the market to have obtained the authorisations from the Ministry of Health to produce and sell gluten-free blends and products. From the outset, the company has achieved great nationwide success for the quality of its products.

In producing our blends, we have always worked with the conviction that gluten-free flours must be different one from the other and continuous research has allowed to develop 18, all suited to industrial and artisan products.

The prerogative of supplying ourselves exclusively and without exception with top quality ingredients to maintain the high level of quality and safety of products and production is also essential.
Given the prerequisites and business policy of care, attention and quality, we also turned to the production of organic blends. Today, we produce 4 different types.

Furthermore, with a view to a development of the production of health and functional foods the new “Natisani” range embraces the characteristics of a product with lower sugar and fat quantities, greater quantities of plant fibres and proteins and two types of biscuits declared functional food.

Our certifications

It is the symbol that certifies organic products within the EU. It reassures consumers on the origin and quality of the foods and beverages. The presence of the logo on the products ensures compliance with the EU Regulation on organic farming.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was introduced in 1998 to guarantee that branded products are obtained according to well-defined quality standards and respecting the minimum requirements. It can be compared to a specification that connects qualified suppliers to the distribution company.

The purpose of the IFS Standard (International Food Standard) is to foster the effective selection of branded food suppliers of the large-scale retail channel, based on their ability to provide safe products that comply with the contract specifications and legal requirements.
It is a model that is recognised in Europe and in the rest of the World.
It is one of the food safety standards that is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an international initiative whose main purpose is to strengthen and promote food safety throughout the supply chain.

Ministry of health
This brand guarantees not only the absence of gluten or cereals containing gluten among the ingredients, but also the absence of potential sources of contamination during the entire production process by adapting its self-monitoring plan.


ISO 9001
The ISO 9001 standard defines the requirements for a quality management system for an organisation. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of ISO 9001; each activity, application and monitoring of the activities/processes is designed to achieve maximum satisfaction for the end user.

Le farine dei nostri sacchi

Le farine dei nostri sacchi Srl - Via Ugo La Malfa 135 - 90146 Palermo - Italia
+39 329 8052467 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cap. Soc. € 15.000,00 - R.E.A. N° 267466 - C.F./P.I/Reg. Imp. 05634860828

UE Organic
BRC Food Certificated
IFS Food
Ministero della Salute alimento senza glutine
ISO 9001

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