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We are certified

Over 40 products on the Farmadata list

Official authorization to the production and packaging of gluten free baked products

Natisani is officially certified by the Italian Ministry of Health (by Law #2008/Off.584/53, dated 22 December 2008). We manufacture several gluten-free products, whereas a list of 40 of them is registered at & by the 'Farmadati Agency', i.e., an Italian Drugstores and Pharmacies suppliers database. As for FOOD HYGIENE, our products are legally qualified and recognized as Diet Food Products – notably, severely enforced specific regulations for all diet products do exist that impose control on each and every single production batch that are intended for the careful verification of the absence of gluten. For this purpose Natisani is equipped with its own, apropos laboratory, registered in the Italian List of Certified Laboratories, as per Art #7 of the DPR n°131 of 19/01/1998. To this end, Natisani pursues a self-controlled plan, as per the European Union Regulation CE 8 #52/2004.
Thanks to their superior quality and related certifications, thirty-four (34) of our gluten-free food products may be supplied to qualified consumers, on a “for free” basis, by the Italian National Health Service (SSN) through Pharmacies and other affiliated stores.

Supplied blends

Miscela pane

Blend for bread

Packs with 8/12 envelopes
Miscela pasta fresca

Blend for fresh pasta

Packs with 8/12 envelopes
Miscela pizza

Blend for pizza

Packs with 8/12 envelopes
Miscela dolci

Blend for sweets

Packs with 8/12 envelopes
Miscela pancarrì

Blend for pancarrì

Packs with 8/12 envelopes
Miscela sfoglia

Blend for puff pastry

Packs with 8/12 envelopes

Blend for grissirì

Packs with 8/12 envelopes

Blend for cannoli

Packs with 8/12 envelopes
Miscela brioches

Blend for brioches (sweet roll)

Packs with 8/12 envelopes