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A history of gluten free goodness

Since 2008 we have been making Gluten-Free blends and products

Naturally gluten-free flours

Italian state-of-the-art innovative flours from sicily

We are an Italian leading manufacturer, specializing in the production of high-quality gluten-free, lactose-free flour and other mixtures, realized starting from scrupulously selected natural and equally gluten-free raw materials.
Our factory and offices occupy an area of 24.000 sq.m., or 258,334 sq.ft. (9.000 sq.m., or 96,875 sq.ft. of which are roofed).
Our bakery products are most successfully used by many a customer of ours in Italy, The Netherlands, Greece, Germany... Not only do we supply manufacturers, but stores, supermarket chains, and restaurants as well.
To our UK and Canada customers we especially supply our Pizza Mixes (standard or per customer’s specification) to companies that, among others, also manufacture frozen pizza bases.
We are available and quite focused in supplying PRIVATE LABEL interested parties. Our production platform consists of eighteen (18) different mixtures mainly, to be used when preparing organic and/or functional types of either bread or pizza products.
All without milk; then – if and as per our customer’s requirement – some are also organic. In case of products destined to the VEGAN MARKET (several of which especially to be used for PIZZA PRODUCTS – strictly without corn/maize, buckwheat or many other cereals); two (2) of our mixes are to be used for the preparation of FUNCTIONAL FOODS.

All our ingredients – carefully selected among the very best in Italy and the European Union - are strictly and naturally gluten-free, obtained from rice, cornstarch, potato, buckwheat, and/or teff grain flours.
We are FDA, BRC, IFS, VEGAN, BIO (ORGANIC), KOSHER, ISO 9001 CERTIFIED, because of having achieved the Italian Health Ministry Special Authorization for the production of “gluten-free” products.
Our company prides itself as being the purveyor to the best bakeries and several other related manufacturing industries. As well, we supply our bakery products to supermarkets and food specialty stores.
Please, visit our website – and, do not hesitate to contact us for more information: we shall be delighted to examine your special requests: if and as necessary our labs are at your disposal.
Why not make a “check out test” with our ingredients? 

What is “Functional Food”?

According to the Commission’s Concerted Action on Functional Food Science in Europe (FUFOSE), a functional food is “a food that
beneficially affects one or more functions in the body, beyond the nutritional effects, that is relevant to either an improved state of health and well-being and/or reduction of risk of disease. It is consumed as part of a normal food pattern. It is not a pill, a capsule or any form of dietary supplement”. (

logo functional foodIt is preferable to have a diet that is functional overall, rather than having a “poor” diet, enriched by one or two functional artificial products. ( A diet, which is more “natural” than “functional”, must always be accompanied by physical activity and weight control which are the real protective factors of our health.

Driven by these 3 concepts and with the aid of specialist legal assistance, we have produced 2 types of functional biscuits adding the precise quantity of chicory inulin which, according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), “contributes to normal bowel functions” with the consequent beneficial effects on the body.

Given the trust in such experience and the success achieved by these initial products, the company intends to pursue the production of functional health foods, through constant research in the best raw materials that can be added to our products with the purpose of guaranteeing efficiency of their beneficial properties.

Our strengths
  • Since 13 years the company has been producing and practicing wholesale of gluten free products;

  • It produces 18 different gluten free blends. Their goodness is at the basis of the franchising project;

  • 34 of our gluten free products are given for free at the chemist's and in stores affiliated with the National Health Service;

  • Always more producers are using our gluten free blends.

Autentica tradizione

Laboratory analysis on products

In order to prevent the risk of contamination, the main rules to respect are:

  • Constant monitoring and updating of the certifications given by the suppliers of the raw materials
  • Total prohibition to bring food with gluten for any reason, both into the workshop and in the store

Craftsmanship + Passion + Time

La nostra filosofia

The guarantee that in the products there is no gluten, not even from contamination, is offered by:

Minitry of Health

Authorization of the Ministry of Health to producing and selling diet products for coeliacs, released by law n°2008/Authorization ff.584/53 del 22/12/2008.

Co. Guidelines

Implementation of company control plan according to the rules of the European Community n° 852/2000 on food hygiene.

Production control

The personnel follows a handbook with procedures to be applied for the managing of sequences of the provision and warehouse of raw materials, their manifacturing and the following sale of the products.